Mazovia Circular Congress 2023

Warsaw, Poland. | 25th of October 2023

The Mazovia Circular Congress, a cornerstone of Circular Week 2023, is set to take place on October 25th at the historic Cinema Iluzjon – Museum of Film Art, situated on Narbutta Street 50a in Warsaw. The event will see the engagement of both minor and major companies, new ventures, financiers, delegates from governmental bodies, regional authorities, businesses, leaders overseeing sustainable growth and corporate social responsibility, and members of the media.

With a committed focus on promoting circular economic principles, supporting sustainable business models, and fostering collaborative ties among stakeholders, the Mazovia Circular Congress is poised to drive meaningful change. This event will feature captivating lectures and dynamic discussion panels led by experts across diverse fields, including macroeconomics, bio-economy, urban infrastructure, waste management, and plastics.

For more information and registration: here.