Plastics Circularity Multiplier Conference

Brussels, Belgium | 14th of October 2020

The ‘Plastics Circularity Multiplier’ group invites you to attend its first conference in Brussels. The event will bring together policymakers and representatives from industry and academia who will communicate on a range of EU-funded innovations that aim of bringing plastic materials into the circular economy.


Learn how to create cross cooperation between EU Projects and boost European Union efforts towards a circular economy for plastics.

  • R&D, investments and Chemical Recycling (PUReSmart, ISOPREP, DEMETO, polynSPIRE, iCAREPLAST)
  • Product design for recycling (Repair3D/SmartFAN, TERMINUS, DECOAT)
  • Recycled plastic content in products (REMADYL and REACT)
  • Collection and sorting of plastic waste (PlastiCircle and CREAToR) Monitoring of recycled plastics (PolyCE and MultiCycle)

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