Sustainable Money Searches Circular Entrepreneurs

CIRCL, Amsterdam | 28th of September 2022

As an entrepreneur, you want to make a positive climate impact. You see circular entrepreneurship as an opportunity to contribute to this. However, financing is often a challenge for entrepreneurship and innovation. Which form of financing is best? And how do you get in touch with the right financiers?

CIRCL-ABN AMRO and the Acceleration House, in collaboration with Circular Finance Lab, are developing the program for ‘Sustainable Money Searches Circular Entrepreneur’ on Wednesday afternoon, September 28, 2022. Get to know different financiers who invest in sustainable initiatives. Think of (family) funds, banks, subsidy providers and impact investors.

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This event is available in Dutch only!


13:30: Walk-in
At CIRCL, Gustav Maherplein 1B in Amsterdam.

14.00 – 16.00: plenary program
Hilde Sijbring (Circular Finance Lab / CoFoF), Elisa Achterberg (Circular Finance Lab) will discuss. About what the route to financing may look like, depending on the chosen circular business model and the phase your company is in. Ellyne Bierman (Reflower) then shares her story as a circular entrepreneur: circular entrepreneurship in practice.

The financiers present also tell us what kind of financing they offer. And which company they are looking for. Then you talk to them. This is how it works: there are four-speed dating rounds between entrepreneur and financier. We match you in advance with the various financiers you meet on a speed date.

4 pm: networking
drink We will conclude the afternoon with a pleasant networking drink.


Ellyne Hagen – Bierman, founder and owner of Reflower
Hilde Sijbring, founder of Circular Finance Lab, co-founder of CoFoF
Elisa Achterberg, founder of Circular Finance Lab