TechMeeting: Circular Economy Opportunities in France

online | 17th of May 2022

Are you the owner or employee of startup or scale-up companies in circularity? Are you interested in circular business opportunities in France? Please join the matchmaking event on TechMeeting, organized by Choose Paris Region.

Seven times a year TechMeetings are organized in France to bring together corporate executives, entrepreneurs, and investors for an opportunity to discover innovative solutions and build business partnerships. A one-pager of the company will be made and shared with corporate participants. Afterwards, it is up to you to make the connection via the contact details provided by Choose Paris Region.

The Dutch embassy in France will help the companies to be able to join the session. For more information and registration, please contact Joannette Polo (, Advisor Innovation and Science at the Embassy of The Netherlands, Paris.

Deadline for application: Friday, April 15.



Criteria for Participation

– Company with the capacity to expand internationally– Already having turnover– Technological innovation– HQ outside France– Only for startups/scale-ups max 500 employees

Potential solutions which the French business networks are looking for:

upcycling, decarbonization, new plastic economy, raw material management, sustainable materials, waste as a resource, product life extension, additive manufacturing, bio-based material, biodegradable materials, biomimicry, closed-loop recycling, cradle-to-cradle, digitization, green chemistry/ green engineering, just-in-time manufacturing, open-loop recycling, reverse logistics.

Please note that these TechMeetings have become increasingly popular. Only 40 startups/scale-ups are allowed to participate per event. Once the number of 40 is reached, no company will be added even if the deadline date has not been reached yet. First come, first served!

Cost: free of charge from registration via the Dutch embassy in France.