What is the Circular Economy?

online | 24th of March 2021

The mission of the Australian Circular Economy Hub (ACE Hub) is to transition Australia to a circular economy. To achieve this goal, they will be running regular webinars that explain key concepts, provide examples of activities taking place in Australia and facilitate the collaborations that will drive the shift to a circular economy.

With this event ‘what is the circular economy’, the Australian Circular Economy Hub kicks off their webinar series. This compact 30-minute session will provide an introduction to circular economy thinking and teach you the basics of circularity in design and business.

You will learn about:

  • The core elements of the circular economy – what it is and why we need it
  • The principles of circular design and circular business model strategies
  • How you can get involved. From businesses to media – there is something for everyone in this talk.

This webinar will be hosted by Planet Ark’s Tati Guedes, a sustainability specialist with a background in marketing, advertising and environmental management. Tati is also a recent graduate of ‘Circular economy – Sustainable Materials Management‘, an online course developed by Lund University.

Following the presentation, you will be joined by members of the ACE Hub team and provided the opportunity for Q&A.


For more information and registration, click here.