Development company Noord-Holland Noord goes circular and international with Holland Circular Hotspot

February 08, 2023

Freek van Eijk, director of Holland Circular Hotspot, and Esther Zijl, director of Development Company Noord-Holland Noord (NHN), signed their agreement to accelerate the international circular transition jointly. The signing took place during the inspiration session on sustainable developments, trends, opportunities and applications at the METIP maritime knowledge and innovation park in Den Helder.


Uniting for Sustainability: A new partnership agreetment

For Development Company Noord-Holland Noord (NHN), the collaboration is an important strategic choice to take advantage of the opportunities of the circular economy for the region. Esther Zijl, director of Development Company Noord-Holland Noord is enthusiastic about this collaboration: “As NHN, it offers us tools to tap into new networks and exchange knowledge with Holland Circular Hotspot’s networks of regions, circular communities and knowledge accelerators. This platform offers both national and international visibility for entrepreneurs from North Holland North.”

For Holland Circular Hotspot, this agreement strengthens its network with Dutch circular pioneers from the NHN network and with the region itself. The parties will jointly examine the opportunities of the circular economy for the region and in a European context. “Regional ambitions, innovations and cooperation are the basis of successful internationalization. By working together within the ‘coalition of the willing’ network of HCH, we will accelerate this transition and we can also further concretize international opportunities.” Says Freek van Eijk, director Holland Circular Hotspot.

With the signing, NHN joins the group of leading companies and organizations that supports Holland Circular Hotspot. A selection of these: Chemport Europe, TNO, Closing the Loop, Circle Economy, Priva, Amsterdam Economic Board, Rabobank, Arcadis, Philips, Powered by Meaning, Van Oord, NLinBusiness, BRBS recycling and Clean Tech Delta, but also the Ministry of Infrastructure and Waterstaat, Rijkswaterstaat and the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO).