Dutch and Czech Foundations join forces for a circular economy

April 12, 2022

Holland Circular Hotspot (HCH) and the Circular Economy Institute Czech republic (INCIEN) have entered a partnership to accelerate the transition towards a circular economy in the Czech Republic by establishing the Czech Circular Hotspot. A Memorandum of Understanding was signed in the presence of HCH Director Freek van Eijk and the Deputy Head of Mission of the Embassy of the Netherlands in the Czech Republic David Röling, and INCIEN Director Soňa Klepek Jonášová on April 12th at an event co-hosted by CzechInvest and the Kingdom of the Netherlands.


"Some impressive Czech examples of circular economy came to my attention during the events. By intensifying our collaboration with the Czech, I hope to increasingly exchange learnings and developments in both the Czech Republic and the Netherlands"

Freek van Eijk, Director HCH

Together for the Czech circular transition

A circular economy is an alternative to the traditional linear economy, which follows a ‘take, make, dispose of’ model. The circular economy replaces this with a closed-loop system in which materials are used and reused as efficiently as possible, minimising resource use, pollution and carbon emissions.

“The Netherlands is a global leader in circular economy thinking. The Holland Circular Hotspot’s knowledge and expertise will be invaluable in transforming into a circular economy in the Czech Republic. Furthermore, the knowledge and experience will be essential for the coming period when the Czechia will face growing challenges in the area of lack of materials for key production sectors such as construction,” said Soňa Klepek Jonášová, founder of INCIEN.

Under the agreement, the Holland Circular Hotspot will provide its experience, knowledge and expertise to INCIEN to accelerate bilateral cooperation in the circular economy space. In addition, Czech Circular Hotspot will promote dialogue and collaboration between Czech universities, businesses and governments to move the Czech Republic toward a circular economy.

Against the foreground of the Czech Presidency of the European Union, HCH Director Freek van Eijk added that the recent pandemic and geopolitical developments in Ukraine had given additional reasons to embrace and accelerate the transition to a circular economy. “Circular economy is not only inspirational, but it can also be our secret weapon in our fight against climate change, and it can increase our resource resilience. I see it as the biggest business opportunity of the century.”

The Czech initiative makes the network of Visegrad hotspots complete, joining Hungary, Slovakia, and Poland’s circular hotspots already.


About the Czech Circular Hotspot

The Czech Institute for Circular Economy (ICIEN) is launching the Czech Circular Hotspot, which will facilitate cross-sectoral and international cooperation in the field of circular economy. The goal of the platform is to create a space where public and private sectors can cooperate to help accelerate the Czech Republic’s circular transition. The idea builds upon an already existing network of global hotspots.

INCIEN has been building the foundation of the circular network for 7 years through its advocacy and research, activities, webinars, trainings and courses, and partnering with organizations in the Czech Republic and abroad. In the context of these developments, the time has come for the launch of the Czech Circular Hotspot with the mission to accelerate the transition to a circular economy in the region.

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