Dutch recycling- and waste to energy solutions for Saudi Arabia

February 20, 2020

A Saudi Arabian mission visited the Netherlands from 17-19 February. Welcomed by both the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management, the group was informed on the National waste and circular economy policy by Herman Huisman and Freek van Eijk representing Holland Circular Hotspot.


Site visits

Monday afternoon visits to Zavin Dordrecht, specific hospital waste incineration and logistics and Attero Tilburg, organic waste treatment were made. The next day in Alkmaar Sortiva, C&D waste recycling and HVC, Waste to Energy were visited. The last day Van Werven plastic recycling in Biddinghuizen and Omrin in Oude Haske were on the program.

Main reason for the visit, which was initiated both by SIRC, The Saudi Investment Recycling Company and the Dutch Embassy in Riyadh, was to show what might be applicable in Saudi Arabia. The ambition of Vision 2030 in the Saudi Government is to reach 81% recycling and 19% Waste to Energy for residential waste. Until now most, if not all waste is landfilled.

The delegation was very satisfied with the attention and time the Dutch companies and government spent on their visit.