European collaboration on circular wind farms

September 16, 2020

Faced with increasing amounts of waste, many governments are preparing new policies to change the way we use our resources. The Dutch government has set a target at 50% less virgin materials usage (minerals, metals, and fossil) in 2030 and none in 2050. One of the possible outcomes of these targets (to which we as an industry should prepare ourselves) is ‘extended producer responsibility’. This will have a great impact on the value chain in the wind industry.

European-wide collaboration is key to collectively reduce waste and improve recycling in the wind industry according to the report ‘Accelerating Wind Turbine Blade Circularity. In line with these findings the Dutch ‘Versnellingshuis’, consisting of the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management, VNO-NCW, MVO Nederland and het Groenebrein, and the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy initiated the ‘Moonshot project Circular Wind Farms’.

Are you a stakeholder of the wind industry? Make sure to participate in the value chain meetings and learn about initiatives and potential business cases for a circular wind industry!

Go to the website of ECHT for more information and registration.


Moonshot project circular wind farms

The aim of this Moonshot project’ is finding solutions to preserve critical materials from wind farms in the resource cycle to form a basis for busines cases. Whether or not in the form of raw materials, or in the form of the components in which these materials are transformed. This research is the basis of further development of the wind industry and aims to transform the wind industry into a circular driven value chain in which the resource use can be maximized and made more efficient.

Stakeholders will be involved in the process of developing new business cases concerning a circular wind industry in the value chain meetings. The aim of those meetings is to identify, present and develop business cases and to set concrete action for a circular wind economy together with the leading companies in the wind industry.