Holland Circular Hotspot welcomes UAE trade mission on Green & Smart Buildings at C-beta

March 15, 2022

The Gulf region is a region that is adapting to a more sustainable future. Buildings and Infrastructure are a key topic as in the past two decades; the Gulf region has witnessed tremendous growth in its real estate and construction sector. This has increasingly led to an interest in enhancing and retrofitting the existing built environment, including mixed-use projects, apartments, houses/villas and hotels.

Therefore, the Embassies of the Netherlands in the Gulf region and the Netherlands Enterprise Agency organised a 3-day trade mission from Gulf countries to the Netherlands on ‘Greencand Smart Buildings’. On the 14th of March, they visited the inspirational circular site of C-Beta.


Green buildings practices in the Dutch construction industry

Dutch companies and SMEs, constituting a large proportion of innovative solutions in the green buildings sector, can support the development of Green Buildings in the Gulf region by partnering with local partners and companies, which, on the other hand, can make use of Dutch solutions in the built environment which will diversify and strengthen their service offerings and products.

Holland Circular Hotspot and three circular Dutch partners interested in the Gulf region; Jos van Eunen from Oxycom, Kelly Ruigrok from Global Sustainable Enterprise System and Jasper Brommet from Solarix, welcomed the delegation.

They each gave presentations around the topic of Buildings and Infrastructure. In addition, HCH gave an umbrella presentation on circular developments in the built environment in the Netherlands with Oxycom promoting their sustainable climate control system, Global Sustainable Enterprise System demonstrating how to measure the sustainability performance of organizations, suppliers, projects and products with their tool and Solarix promoting their coloured solar facade panel.