How to embrace the circular vision through business networks

June 08, 2020

A knowledge exchange webinar with Holland Circular Hotspot and PACE was organised by Exchange 4 Change Brasil on the 27th May to inspire the Brazilian audience on how to embrace the circular vision through business networks. This webinar was part of a series of  international capacity building sessions led by the Brazilian Circular Economy Hub and can be watched again through the You Tube channel ECONOMIA CIRCULAR BR.

The event was opened by Kees van Rij the Dutch Ambassador in Brazil who highlighted the key circular events organised in Brazil supported by Dutch experts since 2016.  “The most important take-away was that we should not waste time: “learn fast, fail fast”.

“The participation of Freek van Eijk, Director of Holland Circular Hotspot was essential to demonstrate the importance of building transition coalitions gathering companies that can initiate practical projects, demonstrate positive results and in that way build strong change networks” said Beatriz Luz, Founder of Exchange 4 Change Brasil.

Other webinars in the series are the first one with Slovenia and the next one – on the 7thJuly  – will talk about Circular Economy Road Maps in Latin America sharing the experiences between Brazil and Chile.