Hungary and the Netherlands sign hotspot collaboration!

March 04, 2020

On November 28, 2019, a declaration of cooperation between the Hungarian Circular Economy Platform and the Holland Circular Hotspot was signed at the first Circular Economy Summit in Hungary.

Read the Hungarian BCSDH (English) news article here!

Read the news article on the website of the Hungarian government here (Hungarian)!


Collaboration is key!

The Circular Economy Platform, which was established as an initiative of the Business Council for Sustainable Development in Hungary (BCSDH), the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, and the Ministry of Innovation and Technology just a year ago, has taken an important step towards promoting the circular economy with this collaboration. Through this partnership it will be possible to get to know about the best international examples of circular economy initiatives and related knowledge and tools, to share domestic experiences, and to foster the shared work of governments in terms of disseminating good solutions for achieving EU goals.

“I am proud that through cooperation with the Holland Circular Hotspot, we are gaining access to leading international know-how, which will help the Circular Economy Platform Hungary to put the circular economy on a more dynamic path in our country. With the involvement of business-, governmental- and scientific-, as well as professional and social organizations, we can achieve our goal: a sustainable economy” – said Attila Chikán Jr., President of BCSDH. “BCSDH and its partners play a prominent role in facilitating the paradigm shift and joint thinking, along with building a community of forward-thinking change leaders and sharing business solutions that make a real impact” – he added.