Introduction of CE in Spanish

January 14, 2019

Circular Economy needs an international, global approach to succeed. This publication written and developed in Spanish by Ignacio Belda Hériz makes it possible to reach a whole new group of readers. The circular economy is still a subject on which it is complicated to work and legislate, and this book tries to compile this information to develop a clear idea about it and raise awareness about the advantages of its application. This book deals with its possible ways of implementation; the work of the European Union and its main policies and measures that have been taken to facilitate its implementation, as well as the degree of application of these policies in the territory of the EU, with special emphasis on our country. Finally, some success stories of companies that have applied the circular economy are shown, in order to demonstrate, in a more practical way, what are the advantages of applying this new model.


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Author Ignacio Belda Hériz has a degree in Law from the Carlos III University of Madrid and a Master’s Degree in European Union from the Royal Institute of European Studies in Zaragoza. Currently a Master-Preparation of the Oppositions to the European Union. After the completion of a Master’s thesis titled “Let’s change our production and consumption model, the perspective of a Circular Economy”, for which she received an outstanding cum laude, Belda has specialized in this new model of sustainable production and consumption.

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