Launch of the knowledge platform on circular procurement

October 30, 2023

To achieve climate objectives in a globalised world, collaboration and knowledge sharing about the circular economy is essential. That’s why the Dutch website is now available in English, offering the latest knowledge on circular procurement and best practices from the Netherlands to a global audience. 

The new knowledge platform on circular procurement, represents a significant milestone in the ongoing commitment to advancing sustainability and circular practices in procurement. The platform is a collaborative effort between MVO Nederland, PIANOo, NEVI, and Rijkswaterstaat, with essential support from the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management.

Check out the platform here: 


“Whether you don’t know yet what circular procurement is or are already making progress, it is and remains a challenge. This website will help you take the next steps based on your role. It’s a benefit for your organisation and for our planet”

The clear mission of the platform

Accelerating the transition to a circular economy is a mission for all. This is why this new platform was developed in english on behalf of the Dutch acceleration network circular procurement (Versnellingsnetwerk Circulair Inkopen, VCI), is the successor to the Green Deals Circulair Inkopen (GDCI). 

It was crucial to make the platform accessible to everyone, because to achieve climate objectives in a globalised world, knowledge sharing about the circular economy is essential, as many production chains are international. Indeed, the platform calls on international stakeholders, whether buyers, policymakers, or end-users in both public and private sectors, to collaborate to make the circular economy successful. Therefore, the platform is meticulously designed to assist organisations in embracing circular principles within their procurement processes and commissioning practices. 

The platform is designed to empower anyone involved in an organisation’s circular procurement process, regardless of whether they are end users or suppliers. The latter are recognized to play a crucial role in adopting circular procurement processes, so the platform allows them to offer circular products to end users. 

Lastly, the platform guides organisations, but not only, to understand circular procurement and to collaborate with other stakeholders or buyers. Within the main highlights, the platforms offers: 

  • Step-by-step plan: it offers actionable guidance for anyone transitioning to circular procurement both for the internal organisation and the procurement process. 
  • Up to date articles: where everyone can explore practical examples that showcase successful implementations of circular procurement and highlight valuable learning points. 
  • Support for Every Role: it offers tailored advice for individuals across various roles involved in circular procurement. 
  • Product-specific Insights: to discover specific considerations for frequently procured product groups.