Launch of the Sustainable Procurement Manifesto

June 01, 2023

Dutch businesses spend more than 400 billion euros annually on products and services. By purchasing sustainably, companies can make a significant impact in addressing today’s pressing issues, as defined by the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations.

A new manifesto for sustainable procurement will be launched to drive the adoption of circular economy principles within the business sector. The Sustainable Procurement Manifesto is an initiative of SDG Netherlands, Global Sustainable Enterprise System (GSES) and the SDG12 Alliance coordinator, and is supported by: MVO Nederland, Nevi, Intrakoop and MVI Platform.

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"We make an impact as a private sector by creating and bringing together sustainable supply and demand. The Sustainable Procurement manifesto is a tool in this regard. Join; learn, measure, report, monitor, improve and make a positive impact!”

Kelly Ruigrok, CEO Global Sustainable Enterprise System

Dutch Companies Join Forces for Sustainable Procurement to Achieve SDGs

The Sustainable Procurement Manifesto aims to unite organisations in a joint endeavour towards sustainable purchasing and engagement, contributing to achieving the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). It calls on organisations to prioritise sustainability and circularity in their procurement practices. By embracing sustainable procurement, businesses can contribute to the transition towards a more circular economy and promote responsible consumption.

The Sustainable Procurement Manifesto encourages companies to use their collective purchasing power to demand sustainable products and services, fostering greener and more socially responsible supplier offerings. PIANOo, the Dutch Public Procurement Expertise Centre, encourages organisations to consider sustainability and circularity throughout the product life cycle. The manifesto emphasises the need to engage suppliers, foster collaboration, and promote responsible consumption. By implementing sustainable procurement practices, businesses can reduce waste, conserve resources, and minimise environmental impact. 

The manifesto guides organisations to implement sustainable procurement strategies and collaborate with suppliers and stakeholders. Within the main highlights, we can find: 

  • Sustainable procurement encourages the development of greener and more social products and services by creating demand for sustainable products through collective purchasing power.
  • Organisations can use procurement to influence sustainability in the present and future, contributing to achieving SDGs and their sustainability goals.
  • Mapping and measuring sustainability goals is essential, especially with the upcoming Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) requiring large companies to report on their activity’s impact on people and the environment, including the supply chain.
  • The ISO 20400 standard defines sustainable procurement with positive environmental, social, and economic effects throughout the product life cycle.
  • The manifesto aims to support principals, purchase managers, and procurement professionals in making sustainable choices and encouraging sustainable production in suppliers.
  • By signing the manifesto, organisations committed to developing a concrete action plan to contribute to SDGs through sustainable procurement and form a movement to inspire others.
  • The community of signatories and the Sustainable Procurement Manifesto platform contribute to developing and collecting resources, tools and guidance through meetings, workshops, and webinars. People can send their suggestions to:
  • The Sustainable Procurement Manifesto for companies extends the Manifesto for Socially Responsible Contracting and Procurement (MVOI) for the public sector.
  • Organisations are encouraged to draw up an action plan, monitor progress, conduct baseline measurements, and connect to relevant initiatives to achieve a more significant impact on SDGs.
  • Sharing knowledge and experience between sectors and product chains is a crucial driver behind the manifesto. The platform also strengthens the engagement with different parties and stakeholders to formulate specific needs and interests regarding sustainable procurement and identify and tailor interventions. 

Manifesto Sustainable Procurement