Open Call for CE Hotspot 2024

August 02, 2022

The Hotspot’s journey will continue for the first time beyond European borders. In 2023, Dublin (Ireland), Lagos (Nigeria) and Santiago de Chile (Chile) will be hosting the Circular Economy Hotspot.

With this opening to the world, the topic of circular economy must be advanced not only in Europe but on a global scale, and a worldwide collective for circular value creation shall be built and strengthened. This should also be the direction to be taken in upcoming years.

The Circular Economy Hotspot community launched an open call to find three new regional hosts for its 2024 edition, offering governments the ideal opportunity to highlight local circular practices from business models and innovative industrial solutions to progressive regional and national policies.

National and regional governments worldwide can express their interest in hosting one of the Circular Economy Hotspots in 2024, here.