Santiago Circular Hotspot Event: Leading the way to a circular LATAM Region

December 13, 2023

From November 28th to December 1st, 2023, Chile made history by hosting the first Circular Economy Hotspot Event in Latin America. The four-day conference, organized by the Chilean Ministry for the Environment, the regional government of Santiago de Chile CORE, and the Chilean regional development agency CORFO, together with Santiago Innova and Universidad Mayor, successfully ignited momentum for circularity in and around Santiago de Chile, paving the way for continued progress and concrete action. Holland Circular Hotspot, together with the Netherlands Embassy, actively engaged in the event. 


Chile shows the potential to be the circular frontrunner of the LATAM area with ambition and drive of key government-, academic- and business stakeholders

Stephanie Schuitemaker, Holland Circular Hotspot

Santiago de Chile paving the way for continued progress and action in the country

The four-day Santiago Circular Hotspot event featured a varied programme, appealing to a wide audience, including those new to circularity and seasoned experts. The event covered crucial topics, such as public-private initiatives driving circular transitions, sustainable business models, innovative developments for a circular economy, and the pivotal role of citizen engagement in the circular transition. Holland Circular Hotspot’s Stephanie Schuitemaker contributed to the event by sharing the Netherlands’ journey towards circularity. Through her insights, the audience gained a valuable perspective on the challenges, opportunities, and the pressing need for international collaboration 



The event’s impact extended beyond the conference venue. On the premises 20 Chilean businesses exhibited their circular solutions. Site visits to local businesses implementing circular practices gave an insight in the energy and action happening on CE today.  


Chile and the Netherlands exploring collaborative opportunities

With legislation for circularity in place, and ambitious targets, Chile is well prepared to boost its circular ambitions. The country is ready to scale up successful pilots and take concrete next steps. The Netherlands Embassy together with Holland Circular Hotspot, the Chilean Ministry for the Environment, and Fundacion Chile, organized round tables to discuss the acceleration of the circular transition in the textiles- and construction sectors in Chile and the Netherlands. Frontrunners in the Chilean textile sector are eager for regulation to be set in place, starting with extended producer responsibility (EPR), and are curious about new circular business models and implementation possibilities in Chile. The construction sector calls for inspirational examples and concrete solutions. Especially the repurposing and renovation of abandoned buildings are topics to look into further. 

Key learnings

  • Data and its systemization are essential to discuss the current state, progression, and ambitions
  • Waste management and minimization are important, but to achieve a circular economy, action is needed in all phases throughout the value chain
  • Circular initiatives in the sector have proven their concept and are now seeking to scale up
  • Governments can make a significant impact by being a launching customer, procuring in a circular way


Roundtable Textiles


Roundtable Construction

Brazil to host the 2024 edition of the Circular Economy Hotspot Event in the LATAM!

The momentum generated in Santiago de Chile will continue to resonate, with the next hotspot event scheduled for November 2024 in Recife, Brazil. This edition of the Circular Hotspot Event promises to be a landmark occasion, marking Brazil’s first large event on circular economy principles. The Recife Circular Hotspot Event will bring together a global community of experts, policymakers, businesses, and innovators to share knowledge, explore innovative solutions, and accelerate the transition to a circular economy in Brazil and beyond. The multi-day event will feature a comprehensive program with a multidisciplinary approach strategically designed to drive practical action and promote real-world impact. Additionally, it will host a roadshow showcasing inspiring Brazilian case studies, providing a practical dimension to theoretical discussions. 

More than just a conference, the event in Brazil aspires to bring the circular debate in the country to a higher level of commitment and action, promoting: 

  • A Place to Connect 
  • A Place for Knowledge Sharing 
  • A Place for Multistakeholder Engagement 
  • A Place for Turning Ideas into Practice 

 We are excited to collaborate with Brazil and its partners to make the Recife Circular Hotspot Event a resounding success. Join us as we continue to pave the way for a circular future in Latin America!


For more information, contact: Beatriz Luz, Exchange 4 Change –   

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