Schiphol Trade Park and Heembouw agreement for circular renovation of warehouse C-Bèta

April 14, 2020

Recently, the building contract between Schiphol Trade Park B.V. and Heembouw Offices B.V. signed for the circular renovation of the warehouse of C-Bèta in Hoofddorp, The Netherlands. It concerns an extension of workplaces of the existing circular work location and events. Heembouw is going to convert this warehouse to a workspace for circular companies, according to a design by DOOR Architecten. The first work will start in mid-April. The warehouse is expected to be completed in September. Holland Circular Hotspot is proud to share this news as we have our office space in C-Bèta’s 125-year-old farm.


Circular renovation

Since its opening in 2018, C-Beta’s activities have mainly taken place in the 125-year-old farm. C-Beta aims to accelerate the transition to a circular economy. More space is needed for this. This space will become available in the shed located next to the farm. This warehouse of approximately 1,000 m2 will be an inspiring playground with rental units of 15 to 35 m2 for startups and scaleups that deal with circularity on the themes of building and area. The workspace in the shed is an extension of the number of workplaces in the front house of the farm. In addition to the warehouse, the C-Bèta plot of almost 2 hectares is also used to contribute to achieving the C-Bèta objective. For example, parts of the outdoor space are made available to the community of C-Bèta to use as an experimental space for making test set-ups, small buildings or exhibiting circular products or services that contribute to the sustainable functioning of the building and area.

Windows, doors and sanitary facilities get a second life
When renovating the warehouse and furnishing the units to be rented, Heembouw uses, among other things, circular materials such as windows, doors and sanitary facilities that have been “harvested” from other renovation projects. In addition, a number of partner companies contribute to the sustainable objective:

Vital Places makes the lighting plan with daylight solutions, which benefits the vitality of the users. In addition, the (LED) lighting is fully modular and can therefore be used permanently.
Degree-n provides a comfortable place via nano-infrared panels. These panels are among the most energy efficient heating panels in the world and have a very low CO2 footprint.
De Lange Natuursteen provides the tile work.
JdB Groep carries out the groundwork and the external sewerage. Just like C-Bèta, JdB group focuses on creative solutions with an eye for circularity. In addition, the JdB group is also located along the Rijnlanderweg at Schiphol Trade Park, which keeps logistics to a minimum.

For building and area
The new workspaces are particularly interesting for parties who develop circular products or services and who want to contribute to knowledge development and sharing on the themes of circular construction and interior, infrastructure, mobility, food production and energy transition. The Municipality of Haarlemmermeer has issued an umbrella permit, which means that experiments can be conducted on C-Beta and the outside area and long procedures for permits can be avoided. Companies that establish themselves at C-Bèta are part of the circular community of C-Bèta.