Spotlight country page Bangladesh: Opportunities for Dutch collaborations

December 18, 2023

Bangladesh is a key manufacturing hub for global apparel and textiles products, second in the world after China. This is possible thanks to cheap energy, labour, and liberal public policies that promote foreign investment. However, fashion is one of the major polluting industries of the planet, and it is central in those debates about long-term sustainability. By being the world’s second largest garment exporter, Bangladesh is strongly committed to decreasing its fashion industry emissions, and integrating sustainability into the core of its operations. 

Therefore, it is crucial for Bangladesh to initiate circular programs to tackle the overproduction, the lack of waste management, and the overuse of resources and energy. 

By visiting Bangladesh’s spotlight new country page, you will have an overview of what the government wants to make happen. There you will find important information about the policy landscape, plans for the circular economy specifically in the RMG sector, and selected priority areas! 

Download the 2-pager with all relevant facts and figures here!