Spotlight country page China: Opportunities for Sino-Dutch collaborations

December 05, 2022

With the latest five-year economic plan (2021-2025), the Chinese government has set new targets on renewable energy, emissions reduction and waste management, aiming at carbon neutrality by 2060. In 2021, a nationwide strategy to improve recycling and resource efficiency was introduced under the Development Plan for the Circular Economy.

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2-pager circular construction in Shanghai, Nanjing and Shenzhen

Much attention is being paid to the construction sector, which accounts for over 7% of the national GDP (2020). The waste streams generated by the development, demolition and renovation of buildings and infrastructure present a tremendous opportunity for circular initiatives and business models, which are being significantly fueled by numerous governmental policies contained in the latest Five-Year Economic Plan (2021-2025).

Given the enormous opportunities for circular collaborations in China’s buildings and infrastructure sector, the 2022 Dutch Trade Mission focused on three major cities – Shanghai, Shenzhen and Nanjing – and circular developments in the local construction sectors.

There are several key findings:

  • Shanghai generates 100mln tons of construction waste from demolishing old urban areas and is now pushing for increased waste concrete reuse
  • Shenzhen aims to become waste-free by 2035 and currently invests in smart and circular innovations for materials recycling
  • Nanjing is focused on developing circular infrastructure, and local initiatives are creating a large-scale circular industry chain

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