The European Circular Economy Hotspot 2025 to be hosted by Slovenia

May 30, 2023

Slovenia has been selected as the host for the highly anticipated Circular Economy Hotspot 2025. As a result, Slovenia will now join the ranks of distinguished countries such as the Netherlands, Scotland, Luxembourg, Belgium, Catalonia, Nord Rhine Westphalia, Dublin, Lagos, and Chile, putting their city on the global circular stage in 2025.

The decision to hold the European Circular Economy Hotspot 2025 in Slovenia recognizes the country’s commitment to advancing circular economy principles and its efforts in promoting sustainable development. Furthermore, Slovenia’s selection is a testament to the nation’s dedication to environmental stewardship and its potential to contribute significantly to the global circular economy agenda.


Inspiring Europe and Setting the Stage for 2025

Since its inception in 2016, the Circular Economy Hotspot events have become annual highlights in Europe. The recent jury, comprised of four CE Hotspot event organizers, was overjoyed by Slovenia’s interest in hosting the European CE Hotspot 2025. These events showcase the host countries’ remarkable circular activities, sharing best business practices, policies, and approaches. They have successfully inspired businesses to adopt circular principles and have sparked CE action in new countries, leaving a profound circular legacy.

In the meantime, we invite everyone to follow the CE Hotspots news for the upcoming CE Hotspot events in the coming months. Lagos, Nigeria, and Santiago de Chile will host these inspiring and transformative events.