The Netherlands and Hong Kong join forces in circular design at BoDW 2023

February 08, 2023

After a successful preparatory collaboration in 2022, the Netherlands will join forces with the BoDW Hong Kong in 2023 to develop an influential circular design event. The partnership will focus on finding innovative solutions to the challenges of transitioning to a circular economy.

The Creative Industry Top Team, together with BoDW, will develop a program with a significant impact on the circular design field, and this program’s implementation will be entrusted to CreativeNL. Monique Knapen, the country coordinator for China, will lead the project.


“I see a lot of curiosity in Hong Kong about the work and the specific approach of Dutch designers and about our knowledge of sustainability. And vice versa, Dutch makers and companies want to expand their market and make an impact on global sustainability issues."

Monique Knapen (CreativeNL)

Circular Design for long-term success

The main objective of the collaboration is to connect Dutch companies, makers, and knowledge institutions with partners in Hong Kong and the surrounding region. The focus is on fostering cooperation and innovation in the cultural and scientific fields for a long-term period.

According to Monique Knapen, there is a lot of interest in Hong Kong about the Dutch approach to sustainability and the work of Dutch designers. In return, Dutch makers and companies are eager to expand their market and make an impact on global sustainability issues. Asia is particularly interesting due to its commitment to achieving sustainable development goals.

A delegation from Hong Kong will visit the Netherlands in March ahead of the November 2023 fair. A number of roundtable discussions, network meetings, an exhibition in June, and seminars in Hong Kong are also planned in preparation for the event.

If you want to know more, contact Monique Knapen ( or  visit their website