Umincorp wins several prizes at the Afvalfonds Verpakkingen Awards

June 17, 2022

Recycling company Umincorp received two prizes in two categories at the Stichting Afvalfonds Verpakkingen Awards on Thursday, 9 June. The company won the award for the best innovation in packaging waste recycling. It also won an award together with Albert Heijn and Hordijk for the most innovative application of recyclate in packaging. In addition to the jury’s verdict, Umincorp received the most votes from the public, as a result of which the audience award was also received.

From left to right: Lucy van Keulen (commercial director), Jaap Vandehoek (founder), Arjen Wittekoek (COO), Hester Klein Lankhorst (CEO Afvalfonds)

*Photocredits: Guus Schoonewille


“Winning these awards shows that people believe in our approach, both the jury and the public. We are demonstrating that our technology and philosophy is usable and scalable” 

Jaap Vandehoek, CEO at Umincorp

Best innovation in packaging waste recycling

Umincorp has a unique way of recycling plastic: based on density, different types of plastic can be accurately sorted and recycled. This leads to lower CO2 emissions compared to other commonly used processes. It won an award for this innovation. The jury and the public were impressed by the radically different approach, the impressive results in a difficult issue for the market and the example of the fully circular processing of plastic household waste.

The second award was presented for the collaboration between Umincorp, Hordijk and Albert Heijn, who jointly ensure tray-to-tray recycling of the PET fruit trays in the supermarket. Old fruit trays are recycled into new fruit trays. For this, Umincorp supplies the recyclate to manufacturer Hordijk. The plastic recycling company works from the conviction that broad chain collaboration is the basis for making more packaging more sustainable in the short term.

Jaap Vandehoek, CEO at Umincorp, received the awards: “We need to reduce the impact of plastics on our climate drastically. Winning these awards shows that people believe in our approach, both the jury and the public. In a short time, we have developed into a leading market player, whereby the selection by the expert jury shows that our industry peers also see the potential of the radical innovations with which we recycle all plastic household waste from the four largest cities in the Netherlands into high-quality raw materials. We demonstrate that our technology and philosophy are usable and scalable, and we are pleased to receive this broad recognition.”

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