Dutch Week of Circular Economy – English Events

March 11, 2024

The Dutch Week of the Circular Economy taking place in the Netherlands, is the largest national inspiration and networking event for and by (beginning) circular entrepreneurs. A week full of talks, tours, excursions and workshops throughout the country and of course the presentation of the Circular Awards.

The Circular Economy Week is made possible by Circl Movement, an initiative of ABN AMRO. CIRCL acts as a connection point for scientists, experts, professionals, policy makers and organizations. CIRCL pools knowledge and initiates collaborations to accelerate the transition to a circular economy through inspiring and in-depth content on their website and organizing programs throughout the country. Of course also during the week! The opening evening of the Week will take place on Monday evening, March 11, at CIRCL in Amsterdam.


During ‘the Week’ you can gain knowledge and inspiration about circular entrepreneurship at circular organisations, companies and hubs throughout the country.

For our international network, we made an overview of all events English-spoken events! Hence, below you can find a curated selection of all english events happening throughout this week. Join the events to delve into discussions, workshops, and activities aimed at fostering sustainability and reducing waste through circular economy.

March 11, 2024

9 AM: Circularity in Architecture and the built sciences

Videotentoonstelling – Delft

3 PM: The Role of AI in the Circular Economy 

A discussion about if Artificial Intelligence (AI) can speed up the transition towards a circular economy 

March 12, 2024

1 PM: Sustainability Adventure Game Sessions

Sustainability adventure game 

3 PM: Chemtogether XL – Circular Chemistry

Chemistry as an essential ingredient for the circular economy 

8 PM: SGL Lecture on the Circular Economy- from Theory to Circular Sextoys

SGL Lecture 

March 13, 2024

9 AM: Online: Exploring Circular Business Models in Response to the New CSRD

Exploring Circular Business Models 

1 PM: Reshaping the Construction Supply Chain with Circularity 

PhD students from the Faculty of Architecture briefly and concisely present the circular aspects of their current research 

4 PM: Dipping into Upcycling 

Dive into a flavorful and education event at “Dipping into Upcycling”, where you’ll indulge in upcycled sauces and fries, discover innovative food solutions, and explore how upcycling supports a more sustainable food system

4 PM: Joint the EPR Revolution 

A roundtable discussion 

7 PM: Crochet Workshop – Upcycle your Old T-Shirts into Crochet Bags 

Upcycle your old t-shirt into crochet bags 

March 14, 2024

9 AM: Climate Fresk: Gaming for Change 

A climate- changing game at Innoboost 

10.30 AM: How to Succeed in Transitioning from Single-use to Reusable Tableware? 

Workshop about experiences implementing various reusable tableware systems at Dutch offices

5 PM: The Jobs of the Future: a Career Blueprint in Sustainability 

Online Masterclass on applying for sustainability roles. 

March 15, 2024

10 AM: A pioneering Example on Circular Demolition of Old Buildings 

An inspiring tour & discussion about the future of demolition of old buildings in a circular way