Workshop : Advancing Regional Bioeconomy

May 28, 2024

During the last months, Holland Circular Hotspot has taken over the work initiated by CBBD, Circular Biobased Delta, concerning the horizon Europe project: Biomodel4regions.

As part of this work, HCH is organizing a one-day workshop on the 26th of June in Zeeland. This event will bring together key regional stakeholders from the biobased economy sector. The workshop will explore policies and the region’s capacity to self-organize, advance, and potentially accelerate the development of a biobased economy.

The Biomodel4regions project is funded by the European Union’s Horizon Europe research and innovation program. The province of Zeeland, former CBBD, ICLEI, and Wageningen University & Research are closely involved and supportive of this strategic event as well as several organizations active in the biobased industry located in the Delta Region.


June 26th, 2024 workshop in Zeeland : program and goals

This one-day workshop will bring together the quadruple helix stakeholders of the biobased economy in Zeeland and the neighboring regions. Here’s an overview of the program: 

  • Morning : Specific context and development needs in Zeeland will be discussed, with insights welcomed from boarder provinces, including Belgium. 
  • Afternoon : Exploration of opportunities for cross-border and European partnerships, aiming to position the area as a key player in a Regional Innovation Valley.

This event aims to identify specific enablers needed to advance the bioeconomy industry in the Delta region (NL-BE) and propose concrete next steps. Key stakeholders and experts will bring insights, play an integral role and lead this process. A small and highly relevant group of attendees is expected.

Goals of the Biomodel4regions horizon Europe project

  • Support the development of new biobased economic strategies and blueprints.
  • Enhance the decision-making process, social engagement, and innovation in the field of bioeconomy at local and regional levels. 
  • Set up a governance structure that providesbetter information, building on the knowledge and experience of years of research and studies.

The outcomes from this project have high relevance to achieving objectives such as the ones brought by the European Green Deal and the EU strategy for a biobased economy.

Interested in taking part in this event?

Are you a key stakeholder in the bio-based industry and think you could contribute to these strategic discussions? We’re trying to limit the number of participants to ensure an insightful day! Please contact Heyd Más from HCH :

More to come

The upcoming workshop of the June 26th promises to yield a wealth of valuable insights. Following the event, key takeaways, detailed findings, and actionable strategies will be shared. These insights will not only shape the future direction of the Biomodels4regions project but also provide a robust framework for advancing the bioeconomy in the Delta Region. Exciting developments are on the horizon!