Noord-Holland Noord (NHN)

Development Agency Noord-Holland Noord (NHN) is a support organization that offers assistance to individuals and businesses interested in starting up, investing or developing businesses in Noord-Holland Noord, a region located north of Amsterdam. NHN serves as a hub for economic activities by bringing together entrepreneurs, investors, and government authorities. The agency also provides support to international companies that are considering establishing a presence in the Netherlands.


Strengthening business climate and driving economic growth in Noord-Holland Noord Region

The NHN Development Agency is dedicated to enhancing the economic growth and employment opportunities in the Noord-Holland Noord region. By understanding the challenges and ambitions of the region, NHN brings together investors, governments, entrepreneurs, and researchers to create a stronger business climate.

NHN acts as a central point of contact for entrepreneurs looking to establish, relocate, or expand their businesses in the region. The agency focuses on area development, restructuring, and innovation to cultivate a favorable business climate for economic growth. NHN also initiates and participates in projects that support entrepreneurship, often seeking subsidies and collaborating with international partners.

NHN puts Noord-Holland Noord on the map

North Holland North Province is a region located in the northern part of the Netherlands, comprising of 18 municipalities. The region has a diverse landscape, with a mix of urban and rural areas, as well as coastal and inland regions. The province is known for its strong economic base, including thriving agriculture and horticulture industries, and a growing focus on sustainable energy and innovation.

The traditional open community of the coastal province of Noord-Holland, has always attracted companies and people from all over the world. At the moment the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area alone counts 3,100 international companies and is home to 170 nationalities.

Development company NHN is the implementing organization of municipalities in North Holland North and the Province of North Holland. HCH is a driver of the regional economy in North Holland North.

North Holland North has several innovation clusters where knowledge sharing and innovation are central. By accelerating these often lengthy processes, we achieve results and we are visibly and tangibly distinctive within sectors such as agri & food, energy, life science & health, tourism & recreation, and the offshore and maritime sector. From the region we work on national, regional and European projects.