SNEW Telecom – Circular telecom and IT with a social heart

SNEW has developed a circular system in which raw materials of existing equipment is reused. Its mission is to give business telecom and IT a second life. Companies who will hand over their depreciated ICT equipment, will receive maintenance for their current equipement or will receive money for their old equipment. These services will be provided even after the end of the initial provider warranty and customer support. SNEW believes that refurbishing is better for societal, environmental and economic purposes than recycling.


SNEW had processed over 200,000 products, giving them a second life.


SNEW's story

Martijn van Engelen founded SNEW in 2013 because he believed that business had to be different and more sustainable. Years before that, the team started as a wholesaler of refurbished telecom but, wanting to do better, circularity became SNEW business model.

ICT equipment is expensive. By working with SNEW, Businesses receive a fair part of their money back from all used equipment including fully depreciated ones. SNEW processes the used equipment and gives it a second life.

Along the way, SNEW has built some great partnerships with NGO’s, universities, governments and several key players in the ICT industry. SNEW won the Circular Award for the manufacturing industry in 2018.

SNEW is currently looking for new partnerships with European companies across the ICT chain.