The Mobile Factory – building with Lego

The Mobile Factory has developed a technique that ensures that construction debris can be used again for the (re)construction of houses. From the rubble, bricks are baked with the same shape as Legos, but of course, a lot bigger. The mini-factory in which this is done fits into two shipping containers and works according to the simple principle: ground rubble in, Lego blocks out.


"Construction rubble is one of the largest ecological polluters worldwide."

From construction debris into bricks

The technique developed allows for very strong constructions to be made without cement, partly with the help of a specially written manual. That saves time and money, essential factors for people made homeless through a disaster. In addition, the Mobile Factory offers training to people in disaster areas so that the victims can build themselves dignified, earthquake-resistant homes. Construction rubble is, in terms of volume, the biggest polluter in the world. It pollutes and destroys the environment and is a danger to public health for people living in a disaster polluted area. The Mobile Factory proves that this debris can be regenerated into primary building material, that even rubble has a place in a circular economy. Not only the transformation of rubble into stacking stones is circular but also the building system itself. An obsolete structure is de-stacked, after which the stones can be used for another building.