Baltic Circular Procurement Congress

online | 2nd until 3rd of September 2020

On 2-3 September 2020, procurement experts, suppliers, researchers and key opinion leaders from all over Europe will meet online to share their experiences and best practices of using procurement as an effective tool for transition towards the circular economy. The purpose of the Congress is to raise awareness of circular concepts, procurement in particular, highlight good practices, share experiences and pave the road ahead for circular procurement to enter the mainstream.

The Congress is a two day online event, which consists of knowledge sharing activities such as workshops, seminars, keynote speeches and virtual study visits. Purchasers within governmental entities and companies will discover the advantages of circular procurement and explore tools that can facilitate and optimize its implementation. The societal challenge of resource efficiency will be discussed by considering innovative solutions from a multidimensional perspective. This concerns products, processes and new business models as well as exploiting the synergies between public authorities, research institutions, SMEs and non-profit organisations active in this field.

Congress is co-organised by Rijkswaterstaat from the Netherlands and INNOWO from Poland, under the Circular Public Procurement project supported by the Interreg Baltic Sea Region Programme.

For more information and registration: CircularPP.