Benelux Builds Circular

online | 10th of September 2020

We need to rebuild our economies and our societies in the aftermath of the Covid-19 crisis and the literal building should revolve around reuse of materials, sustainable materials and renovation. The European Commission outlined its ambitions in the Green Deal and Circular Economy Action Plan and the Benelux Member States were already in full action mode.

During this webinar the European Commission and Benelux representatives will share some key features of their policy, new possibilities and developments and chances for cross border cooperation, and how this will find its way in the recovery plans.

This 90 minute moderated introduction and discussion followed by a Q&A will touch upon topics such as recycled content requirements, boosting the market of secondary raw materials, digital logbooks for buildings, energy performance, design and how to bring together the relevant partners in the construction sector.

More information and registration here.