Netherlands-Singapore Technology Partnerships

online | 10th of September 2020

In conjunction with the EUREKA GlobalStars-Singapore Call with 14 participating countries, Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) Singapore, the Netherlands Innovation Network and RVO Netherlands are organising a technology matchmaking pitching webinar for Dutch and Singapore companies.


The pitches will cover opportunities in the areas of:

1) Agri/Food Innovation
2) Sustainability
3) Digitalisation
4) Manufacturing – Industry 4.0

Please note that a pitching session is 5 minutes.

Companies from Singapore or the Netherlands are invited to pitch. The webinar welcomes all who are keen to listen to the pitches.

In view of limited pitching slots, registration for pitching would be subject to a selection process, with priority extended to first time pitching companies in the EUREKA GlobalStars-Singapore call and projects with high innovation and market potential.

If you have any queries, please email
Redford Lee at
Netherlands Innovation Network –

All participants are encouraged to include their profile and project proposal on the Virtual Marketplace. If you have a profile already, you can link to it here. Alternatively, please provide information on your project proposal below or per e-mail to Redford Lee (

Disclaimer: If we have more applications than pitching slots, RVO (The Netherlands) and IPI/SMF (Singapore) will make a selection of companies that can pitch at this event.