Biodesign Night 2020

online | 25th of September 2020

What if we could grow clothes from microbes? Or build furniture or buildings from living organisms and tree bark? Replace plastic completely by algae or bacteria? And replace major sources of waste, like plastic and cement, with sustainable and eco-friendly alternatives?

During this third edition of Biodesign Night, designers, artists, engineers and scientist, will talk and share experiences about the integration of living organisms in the design process and how to implement these at a bigger scale for more impact. This event is organized by Blue City, and it will offer a point of view of designers and scientists about potential developments in different sectors. The world renowed fashion designer turned biofabrication pioneer Suzanne Lee will discuss how biofabrication is the next industrial revolution and how we can implement the ideas at a commercial scale.

The event starts at 8PM.

More information and registration:  BlueCity