Bioplastics: what and when – free introduction for start-ups and SMEs

Amsterdam | 8th of July 2022

Register and join the free introduction on bioplastics organised by Powered by ChemistryNL en RVO Nederland. The presentation is in the hands of Caroli Buitenhuis of Green Serendipity.

In this session, you will learn:

  • What are bioplastics
  • Which bioplastics are there
  • How do bioplastics fit in the future
  • Bioplastics in packaging and products
  • Recycling of bioplastics
  • Composting / fermentation
  • Lots of inspiration and examples

Free participation is only possible for start-ups or SMEs with a Chamber of Commerce registration. Please send your Chamber of Commerce no. and contact details.

For more information or registration:



This event is available in Dutch only!