Global trade and the transition to an inclusive circular economy

online | 28th of July 2022

Chatham House and the NL Ministry of Foreign Affairs, as part of the WTO Aid for Trade Global Review 2022, will be held a session on global trade and the transition to an inclusive circular economy.

No country can achieve a circular economy in isolation. Instead, they depend upon international trade to secure affordable and reliable access to a wide range of materials, goods and services. However, circular trade flows face various regulatory and technical challenges. Moreover, it has only been embedded to a limited degree within bilateral, regional and plurilateral trade and economic cooperation agreements, which limits the scope and potential for collaboration around transboundary issues.

Additionally, global inequities in power relations, digital trade capabilities, trade infrastructure, access to circular finance and innovation capabilities mean countries in the Global North are better positioned than those in the Global South to exploit the benefits of circular trade.

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