The role of countries in bridging the climate and circularity gap

online | 12th of November 2020

Countries are critical facilitators in the transition towards a circular economy. But hów can they improve the state of circularity for their regions? Holland Circular Hotspot and Circle Economy organise a webinar to highlights the practical and actionable lessons learnt from the Circularity Gap Reports of Austria, Norway, Canada and the Netherlands and explores how circular economy solutions might bridge the emissions gap.

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Metrics and measurement for nations’ circularity: the crucial piece to finish the circular economy puzzle

This webinar is an official Sitra WCEFonline.

In this webinar we will address:

  • The importance of the circular economy and its power to address global challenges like climate change and economic resilience.
  • Measuring the circular economy: The Global Circularity indicator on the global and national level
  • The role of individual countries and where they should start on their journey to circularity
  • You will hear from the world’s first countries that have executed a national Circularity Gap Report, what it brought them, the challenges they faced and the next steps.




Freek van Eijk – CEO, Holland Circular Hotspot



Matthew Fraser – Lead Circularity Gap Reporting Initiative, Circle Economy

Caspar von Daniels – Researcher, Circle Economy



Etienne Angers – Industrial Development Officer, RECYC-QUÉBEC

Alexander F. Christiansen – Project Manager, Circular Norway

Sean O’Malley – Head of Research at Planet Ark, Australia