Fail Forward #5 Circular Edition

Impact Hub Amsterdam | 3rd of February 2020

Only 9 per cent of the global economy is currently circular while adopting circular principles now could bring Europe net benefits of EUR 1,8 trillion by 2030. That is why Impact Hub Amsterdam hosts events, builds communities and runs acceleration programs around circularity.

Impact Hub Amsterdam believes that failure and experimentation are essential to developing innovative businesses that make real impact. For the Circular Edition of our Fail Forward events, they are inviting circular impact entrepreneurs to share what they’ve learned from what went wrong. Listen to inspirational stories, get encouraged and leave with hope on the horizon ; )

This evening Roetz Bikes (new bikes made out of old ones) and Boeren van Amstel (producing milk within 10 kms of Amsterdam) will share their stories.

More information: Impact Hub Amsterdam

This event is part of the Dutch Circular Economy Week