From Ambition to Action– Roadmaps towards circularity

online | 2nd of February 2022

National Circular Economy roadmaps and strategies are powerful tools for describing the transition towards circularity. Germany recently released its first comprehensive Circular Economy roadmap. Frontrunners like the Netherlands and several Nordic countries have already gained ample experience implementing such roadmaps.

In this session, the panel discussion with several European high-level experts will provide insights on the implementation of circular strategies and how the necessary cooperation across industries and countries can be fostered.

The panel of experts:

  • Cathrine Barth – Nordic Circular Hotspot
  • Freek van Eijk – Holland Circular Hotspot
  • Michael Kuhndt – Collaborating Centre on Sustainable Consumption and Production (CSCP)
  • Susanne Kadner – Circular Economy Initiative Deutschland

For more information and registration, here.