Session ‘Grenzeloos Circulair’

online | 7th of February 2022

Are you a Netherlands based entrepreneur or organization with international ambitions with your circular product, service or knowledge? Then this is a session for you!

Holland Circular Hotspot (HCH) and NLinBusiness will take you through the steps you need to take to get started internationally and show you how we can help you with this. Circular entrepreneurs GroenCollect,  Leadax- Sustainable | Circular Waterproofing and Reconergy talk about their experiences abroad. We will also welcome your questions: What opportunities do you see and what questions do you have?

The session is part of the Dutch National Conference on Circular Economy that takes place the whole day. This session will be held from 14:00 till 15:00 hrs. (Language: Dutch)

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This event is available in Dutch only!

Speakers and programme

The session will be hosted by Jacqueline Cramer of Utrecht University, chair of the Advisory Board of Holland Circular Hotspot and author of How Network Governance Powers the Circular Economy.


  • Freek van Eijk, Holland Circular Hotspot
  • Dirk de Bie, NLinBusiness
  • Philip Troost, GroenCollect
  • Abdoel Achalhi, Leadax
  • Tom Uiterwaal, Reconergy

Holland Circular Hotspot (HCH) is committed to international opportunities for Dutch circular entrepreneurs together with the Dutch embassies worldwide.

NLinBusiness removes barriers to international business, including through networks of Dutch entrepreneurs and local partners in 40 cities worldwide.

GroenCollect collects and processes the green residual materials in six Dutch cities, they make for example biogas from old bread, vegetables, fruit and food leftovers.

Leadax develops and manufactures 100% circular materials out of waste for waterproofing buildings. The materials are recycled plastic waste (r-PVB) as raw material for construction, such as flat roofing and flashing. Leadax operates on a global scale and is ready to accelerate its impact.

Reconergy (Hong Kong) Ltd. is a Hong Kong based company focused on sourcing waste-feedstock’s in Asia for the Biodiesel and Green electricity production in Europe.


After a short introduction by Holland Circular Hotspot and NLinBusiness professor Jacqueline Cramer will start a dialogue with the entrepreneurs about their companies, why they have chosen to expand their activities outside their Netherlands, their approach and successes and of course their advice to other companies. Jacqueline Cramer