Let’s talk about plastic

Online | 28th of May 2020

“Let’s talk about plastic” is a webinar devoted to plastics, which will be combined with the inauguration of the INNOWO report “Plastics in a circular economy”.
Freek van Eijk, director of Holland Circular Hotspot, will be there as well to talk about the Plastic Pact Initiative!



Is there room for plastics in a closed loop economy?

Framework Programme 

10.00  Introduction – Agnieszka Sznyk,Ph.D. INNOWO

10.05 Mr S. (Sanne) Kaasjager, Head Economic Department / Counselor, Embassy of the Netherlands

10.15 “Plastics in the Closed Circuit Economy” presentation of the report INNOWO – Hubert Bukowski, Institute of Innovation and Responsible Development

10.25 Plastic Pact Initiative – Freek van Eijk, Managing Director of Holland Circular Hotspot

10.40 PackAlliance: innovation and cooperation for the future of packaging – Prof. Joanna Kulczycka, PAN

10.55  Director of PlasticsEurope Polska Kazimierz Borkowski, Ecodesign of packaging – towards increased circularity

11.10  Innovative circular solutions for the plastics industry – Thirsty Pleasure

11:20 The Great Bubble Barrier: a smart solution to plastic pollution?- Sonja Fortuin, The Great Bubble Barrier

11.30 Discussion on necessary system changes and the role of the consumer


Polish Circular Hotspot
Polish Circular Hotspot is a public-private platform gathering entities that thanks to cooperation and access to shared resources can achieve more both for the introduction of circular economy concept and for their own interests.

The mission of Circular Hotspot is to support the global community, business, cities and governments in the transformation towards circular economy through practical and scalable solutions that will help solve one of the greatest challenge of our time: the shrinking natural resources and environmental degradation.