Nymphe Stakeholder Workshop

Madrid, Spain & Online | 24th until 24th of January 2024

The 2024’s Eu-Funded Nymphe project (New system-dirven bioremediation of polluted habitats and environment) explores innovative nature-based bioremediation solutions to revitalize land and waters affected by deep environmental contamination.

Bioremediation is a biotechnological method that exploits the natural abilities of micro- and macroorganisms, enzymes and plants to boost their natural powers to absorb, accumulate and degrade pollutants and toxins from soil, water and other environments.

Are you interested in knowing more about bioremediation? Then this workshop is for you!



12:00–12:05 p.m. | Welcome and introduction

Welcome from local host and project coordinator

12:05–12:30 p.m. | Introduction to the topic

  • “Define the scene – problem of environment pollution” – Marcus A. Horn, Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz University Hannover (LUH), Germany,

  • “Introduction to bioremediation and its techniques” – Giulio Zanaroli, University of Bologna (UNIBO), Italy,

  • “Introduction to NYMPHE project and expected results” – Giulio Zanaroli, University of Bologna (UNIBO), Italy.

12:30–01:10 p.m. | Session I – Development of Nymphe‘s bioremediation strategies

  • “The Nymphe biologics” – Joana Luísa Pereira, The University of Aveiro (UAVR), Portugal,

  • “Genetic toolbox for the improvement of biologics” – Tomás Aparicio, CNB-CSIC, Spain,

  • “Development of systems of biologics to tackle complex contaminations” – Philippe Corvini, School of Life Sciences (FHNW), Switzerland,

  • “Microbiome modelling and management to improve systems’ performance” – Silvia Cretoiu, Blossom Microbial Technologies (BLOM), the Netherlands.

1:10–01:50 p.m. | Session II – Assessment of Nymphe‘s bioremediation strategies

  • “Field/pilot testing and techno-economic assessment of Nymphe‘s bioremediation strategies” – Hana Horváthová, Centre of Environmental Services, Ltd. (CENV), Slovakia,

  • “Environmental and ecological assessments of Nymphe‘s bioremediation strategies” – Robin Kyclt, ABITEC, s.r.o. (ABI), Czech Republic,

  • “Social assessment of Nymphe‘s bioremediation strategies” – Patrick De Boever, Perseus (PERSE), Belgium

  • “Ecological assessment of Nymphe‘s bioremediation strategies” – Florin Alexandru, Ademed – Association for Development and Environment (ADE), Romania.

1:50–02:30 p.m. | Session III – Discussion and feedback from stakeholders

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