Webinar Waste Management in Latin America

Online | 11th of February 2021

On the 11th of February, 15.00 – 16:15 CET, Holland Circular Hotspot together with the embassies of 8 Latin American countries, is organizing a webinar to present the results of a study on Waste Management in the following countries: Colombia, Mexico, Panama, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Peru, Chile and Argentina. Identifying the state of the market and regulatory framework in the 8 countries and matching the need/demand in the market for Waste Management with the unique selling points of the Dutch businesses.

The study has been executed by Holland Circular Hotspot in close collaboration with leading regional waste management experts who know the Latin American market and Dutch capabilities as no other: Mrs. Linda Breukers (Holland House Waste Window), Mr. Herman Huisman (A4Waste) and Mr. Bert Keesman (Metasus), and in a very constructive dialogue with the Dutch Embassies in the region.

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Webinar Programme

Start 15.00 h CET

Opening & official welcome
Marc Hauwert, Embassy Network Latin America

Introduction to the study and its objectives
Linda Walstra, Embassy of The Netherlands in Chile

Video message from the Dutch ambassadors for Latin American countries

Introducing the Maturity Matrix tool and sharing study results
Freek van Eijk, CEO Holland Circular Hotspot

Breakout sessions* (40 minutes)
Challenges and opportunities per country
Linda Breukers (Holland House Waste Window) & Bert Keesman (MetaSus)

Q&A with Dutch entrepreneurs
Herman Huisman (A4Waste), Freek van Eijk, Linda Breukers, Bert Keesman & representatives of the economic teams of the 8 embassies

Reflections on the breakout-rooms discussions
Freek van Eijk

Closing words and next steps
Linda Walstra & Marc Hauwert


* During the webinar you are invited to join one of the rooms:

Room 1: Colombia – Peru – Ecuador – Panama
Room 2: Mexico – Chile – Costa Rica – Argentina

About the speakers

Marc Hauwert – Head of Regional Business Development Team of the Embassy Network of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Latin America. Marc is based in Lima and responsible for business development and trade and investment promotion from the Netherlands to Latin America. He is doing so in close collaboration with the embassies in Mexico, Panama, Costa Rica, Colombia, Peru and Chile.

Linda Walstra – Trade Advisor for the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Chile, and also part of the Regional Business Development team Latin-America, where she is responsible for the sector Resilient Cities. Circular Economy and Waste Management are important topics within this sector, together with Sustainable Mobility and Renewable Energy.

Freek van Eijk – Director of Holland Circular Hotspot – expert in the field of waste management and circular economy. He served, for over a decade, as director of Strategy and PA at multinational SUEZ and as a board member at the Dutch Waste Management Association.

Herman Huisman (A4waste) – Expert in waste management, policy development and economic diplomacy. He was a director of the Netherlands Waste Management Council and worked for the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO) on development of international projects on waste management. Currently he is involved in projects on plastics, biomass, food and general waste.

Bert Keesman (MetaSus) – Expert in sustainable waste management. He has many years of experience in the implementation of cleaner production and CSR. Through MetaSus, he promotes exports and international cooperation in environmental technology: products and services related to waste management, circular economy, waste water treatment, air quality, soil remediation, renewable energy and energy efficiency.

Linda Breukers (Holland House Waste Window) – Develops and implements projects on solid waste management and CE throughout Latin American, particularly focused on Dutch-Colombian collaboration. She has worked for the Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development of Colombia, as the packaging expert of the CE team and currently involved in several projects for the World Bank.