Waste management and circular economy

online | 10th of March 2021

As part of their commitment to a full circular economy by 2050, the Netherlands has set an important interim goal to halve primary resource usage by 2030 (by keeping existing materials in the economy).
In this webinar you will get a high level to granular overview of how this government initiative is working in the Netherlands.

Marieke van der Werf, partner at Dröge & van Drimmelen, Hede Razoky, account manager at Upcycle Centrum Almere and Chico van Hemert, Managing Director at RetourMatras will delve into how government policies and incentives create strong signals to change current business models; how municipalities are taking up the mantle to innovate away from waste management and towards up-cycling and how the private sector literally and efficiently dismantles mattresses and sends their various component parts back into the circular economy.

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