Webinar: Circular bio-economy in Thailand

online | 13th of December 2022

Are you looking for business opportunities in Thailand? Do you want to learn more about the Bio-Circular and Green (BCG) economic model in Thailand?

This webinar, jointly organized by Holland Circular Hotspot, the Netherlands Embassy in Thailand and the Netherlands-Thai Chamber of Commerce, aims to engage Dutch companies interested in the Bio-Circular and Green (BCG) economic model in Thailand. The event will feature an expert panel of government officials, researchers and private companies from Thailand and the Netherlands, and an interactive Q&A session.

Thailand offers excellent prospects for developing businesses in biofuels, bioplastics and biochemicals due to its abundant natural resources, biodiversity, and strong agricultural activities. Opportunities are also arising for the use of agricultural waste streams to generate renewable energy.

Learn more about this potential by attending the webinar.

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9:30 Welcome and opening remarks

Part I: Setting the scene

9:40 Getting to know the Bio-Circular-Green Economy strategy
9:50 Introduction to doing business in Thailand

Part II: Bio-economy opportunities and challenges

10:00 Exploring opportunities and sharing best practices

10:30 Interactive panel discussion and Q&A session

10:45 Closing

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