Circular Economy: the missing link in the Climate discussion

December 07, 2018

There is growing awareness that the Circular Economy is a missing link in the Paris agenda and that it is urgent to strengthen the link between Circular Economy and the Climate Change Agenda. A circular economy aims to decouple economic growth from the use of natural resources and ecosystems by using those resources more effectively. During the COP24 climate summit in Katowice in December 2018, a coalition of European circular hotspots[1] presented evidence and best practices of the circular economy as a means to bridge the gap in the climate agenda and identified where there is potential for scaling up.


Bringing together business and science communities

The European Circular Hotspots brought along forward looking members from the business and science communities and, supported by facts & figures and showcases by best practices, pointed at the significant contribution the transition to a circular economy has towards reaching the climate goals.
The Circular Economy not only contributes towards CO2 reduction it is also keeps materials in the loop and is restorative in nature. The greenhouse gas emission (GHG) reduction potential is not cost driven but based on sound and inspiring business models that have significant potential in every market segment and can work both in developed and developing nations. A transition that can start small but has a tremendous potential to scale up. The organisers aim at sending a strong signal to the formal COP representatives about the importance of adopting circular economy strategies that can start today.

See our full press release here: Final version 071218 CE the missing link in the Climate discussion COP24 CE Hotspot side-event[1]

[1] The COP 24 event is initiated by the Dutch Holland Circular Hotspot foundation and organized together with Zero Waste Scotland, Sitra, Circular Norway, Poland Circular Hotspot and Luxemburg Circular Hotspot.

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