Majority of Dutch embassies active with circular economy

November 26, 2020

On November 25, nearly 100 employees of Dutch embassies, consulates and other representations took part in an interactive session on the circular economy organized by Holland Circular Hotspot and RVO. The purpose of the session was to inspire each other, to exchange experiences and to provide insight into the latest developments. RVO and Holland Circular Hotspot shared their latest circular insights from The Netherlands that can help to create a fertile ground for circular investments and collaboration.


From interest to action: important role for representations

Representatives of embassies from Australia, Slovakia and France presented their approach for circular economy to generate interest, develop a local network and create opportunities for Dutch companies. For example, the Dutch embassy in Slovakia took the initiative to set up the Circular Platform Slovakia. In France, the embassy selected the most important opportunities for Dutch entrepreneurs with the support of, among others, Holland Circular Hotspot (see the result here). The embassy in Australia noticed that many opportunities are now emerging for circular initiatives. A large majority of the people present in the session indicated that they already have developed activities in the field of circular economy, and others indicated that they are planning activities. The Dutch representations thus play an important role in the worldwide rollout of circular knowledge and opportunities for Dutch circular knowledge and entrepreneurs.

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