Changing Luxury. Innovation Masterclass Part 1

Online | 30th of July 2020

Learn about impactful innovation in all steps of the fashion value chain, what industry leaders do today and how to take action yourself!

Fashion for Good invites you to discover more about sustainable fashion with insights and expertise from the fashion industry during our Innovation Masterclasses! In a series of three insightful sessions, you will learn about how innovation creates positive impact across all steps of the fashion value chain; a must for anyone studying or working in fashion or interested in how innovations are changing fashion for good.


About the event

We’ll be (virtually) inviting key industry leaders to co-host an interactive masterclass with a Fashion for Good expert. They’ll share what they’re doing to integrate and champion innovation within their organisations and will share key learnings they’ve gathered along their journey. Each masterclass will focus on a particular theme from a different perspective; from brands, to producers and educators!

What you’ll get

  • Interactive masterclass(es) with industry experts • Access to an online community and interesting reads and free tools
  • Fashion for Good’s Innovation Masterclass certificate (if completing all three sessions)
  • Networking drinks and graduation ceremony with free access to the Fashion for Good Experience in Amsterdam on the 24th of September

Masterclass 1: Changing Luxury

In our first Innovation Masterclass, you’ll hear from Christine Goulay, Head of Sustainable Innovation at Kering, the global luxury group with brands like Gucci, Saint Laurent and Balenciaga. This session will focus on how Kering is innovating in the fashion value chain. To explain what it’s like to collaborate with Kering on their innovation ambitions, Christine will be joined by Ben Tomkins, Business Development Manager at Oritain and Cyndi Rhoades, Founder of Worn Again Technologies, two Fashion for Good start-ups, to share insights into their pilot projects at Kering.


  • Christine Goulay, Head of Sustainable Innovation at Kering
  • Ben Tomkins, Business Development Manager at Oritain
  • Cyndi Rhoades, Founder of Worn Again

Worn Again is a chemical recycling technology that can separate and recapture polyester (PET) and cellulose from cotton from non-rewearable textiles to produce virgin equivalent, cost competitive polyester and cellulosic raw materials to be reintroduced into the supply chain as part of a continual process. Old clothes and textiles are collected and processed via Worn Again’s process and then made back into new yarn, textiles and clothes. The cycle can repeat again and again, eliminating the need to exploit virgin resources. Worn Again’s process is unique in that it can deal with both pure and blended textiles.

Masterclass 2: Changing the Way We Work – 27 August

Masterclass 3: Changing the Future of Fashion – 24 September

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