Circular economy possibilities in South Africa

South Africa | 27th of September 2022

RVO will organize an informal meeting about opportunities for a circular economy in South Africa. The meeting will also discuss, among others, biomass potential and the position of Netherlands Ambassador in Pretoria. In addition, HCH Managing Director Freek Van Eijk will attend the event to discuss the upcoming World Circular Economy Forum (WCEF) Studio 2022.

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Circular economy potential in South Africa

For several years, RVO has been working on biomass, biogas, circular economy and waste management opportunities in South Africa. Meanwhile, the circular initiatives of circular economy in the Country have been getting more robust, with the Africa Circular Economy Network delivering a study, in collaboration with Holland Circular Hotspot, to set up the South African Circular Platform (CEPSA).

The platform, expected to be realized this year, is expected to focus on renewable energy, the manufacturing industry, circular agriculture and mining. On the public side, the platform is expected to answer the needs of municipalities and cities to address waste management and recycling.

In December 2022, South Africa will host one of the five African Parallel Studios of the World Circular Economy Forum that will be held in Kigali, Rwanda.

In 2024, the Country will co-host a global Circular Hotspots, together with Wales, Brazil, and Canada.