Team NL Tokyo Expo: Roundtable Circular Economy

Online | 6th of July 2021

To scale up systemic change, public-private partnerships are critical. In this session we explore how businesses can work closely together with government to accelerate and support an enabling policy framework for a circular economy, and the business perspectives on creating an enabling environment for systemic change within their respective industries. 

Time: CET 9.30 – 10.45 A.m.

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Potential NL-Japanese circular collaboration opportunities

Holland Circular Hotspot will organise this high level roundtable with decision- and changemakers from Japan and the Netherlands, to explore potential collaboration opportunities within the circular economy, and discuss how all stakeholders can create an enabling environment for systemic change.

Listen to leaders from both the public and private sector from both The Netherlands and Japan; as they exchange best practices, programs and platforms that speed up the transition to a circular economy and strive towards long term bilateral partnerships. Join the event that will be recorded at the premises of the Dutch Sports federation and National Olympic Committee NOC*NSF!


– Freek van Eijk, Holland Circular Hotspot

Official welcome
– Peter van der Vliet, Ambassador at The Netherlands Embassy in Japan

Circular Economy partnership between Japan and the Netherlands
– Stientje van Veldhoven, Minister for the Environment in The Netherlands

Round table discussion
Business perspectives on the partnership and creating the enabling environment for a system change for the industry.
– Ms. Noda, Veolia Japan; Jan Peter Balkenende; Dutch Sustainable Growth Coalition (DSGC); Jun Aoki, Shiseido; Harald Tepper, Philips

How can business and government collaborate for the acceleration and support of an enabling framework for circular economy?
– Naoko Ishii, Center for Global Commons, University of Tokyo; Jacqueline Cramer, Amsterdam Economic Board and Holland Circular Hotspot; David McGinty, PACE

Closing remarks
– Freek van Eijk, Holland Circular Hotspot

A series of circular events!

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An overview of the most important information for circular business in Japan