Team NL Tokyo Expo: Webinar Circularity in Manufacturing

Online | 1st of July 2021

Discover state of the art Japanese and Dutch circular economy solutions in manufacturing industries, exploring possibilities for value retention and take-back!

In this webinar we show the state of the art of Japanese and Dutch CE best practices along the value chain and explore possibilities for new opportunities for collaborations between Japan and The Netherlands.

Time: 9.30 – 10.45 A.m. CET

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Opportunities for Dutch-Japanese collaboration

Environmental challenges for the manufacturing industry arise first of all from the increasing demand for resources and the CO2 emission involved. This demand is rising due to growth of the global population and better living standards, and more specifically for critical raw materials due to the energy transition. In addition, collection and recycling of consumed electric and electronic products leave a lot to be desired, resulting in material losses and environmental and health damage.

Considering Japan’s leading industrial and exporting position in a.o. Automotive and Electronics and its dependency on raw materials, a shift to a circular economy is a necessity considering the possibilities for value retention and take-back. Japan already has an advanced recycling landscape and infrastructure. R&D in new circular materials, circular manufacturing innovations and the introduction of new business models leading to value recovery beyond material recycling in collaboration with Japan’s leading corporations is a way forward.



Opening and welcome
– Ruben Dubelaar, Holland Circular Hotspot (Moderator)

Introduction on circular economy landscape in The Netherlands and Japan
– Freek van Eijk, Holland Circular Hotspot

Manufacturing and Electronics: best practices by industry leaders
– Representatives from Philips and Panasonic

Design for refurbishment and recycling  
– Aernout Dijkstra-Hellinga, Bugaboo

Programmes enabling best practices to scale up circular economy
– Netherlands Ministry of Economic Affairs

Panel Discussion
– Jacqui Hocking, SoNow

Closing remarks
– Ruben Dubelaar, Holland Circular Hotspot

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An overview of the most important information for circular business in Japan