Trade Mission to Hungary and Slovakia on Circular Construction and Recycling

Budapest and Bratislava | 28th until 30th of June 2022

Do you work in construction and do you work with sustainable, circular applications? Or do you offer solutions in the field of waste management and recycling? Then take part in The Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO) physical trade mission from June 28 to June 30. Explore the opportunities for your company and be part of the green transition in Hungary and Slovakia.

More information and registration, are here.


Opportunities for Dutch companies

The construction and waste management sectors in Hungary and Slovakia offer many business opportunities. Construction is a cornerstone of both economies. In the field of waste management, there are challenges to achieving the European targets. The industries will receive € 1 billion in financing in the coming years (including Recovery Fund) and these sectors will grow significantly.

More than 90% of residential buildings in Hungary and Slovakia are privately owned; in the Netherlands, this is 40%. The rate of renovation of buildings is already above the EU average in both countries.

For waste management, local indicators are well below the EU average. The two countries are now building a recycling infrastructure. The Hungarian and Slovak transition to circular construction, therefore, offers many opportunities for Dutch entrepreneurs.

For whom

Participation in the mission is open to Dutch companies and knowledge institutions that are active in the following sectors:

  • Circular construction: think of sustainable and/or circular applications in residential construction, utility construction, or landscape development. The mission is aimed at organizations from the entire construction chain: from suppliers of circular/sustainable building materials to processors of construction waste, and from urban mining (recycling from municipal waste) to material hubs, landscape planning, architects, and construction companies (infrastructure).


  • Waste management and recycling: waste management, (waste) water management; recycling technology and developers of Intellectual Property, circular data management, valorisation of organic side and residual flows.


  • Visit 2 capitals in 1 mission (only 200 km away): Budapest and Bratislava offer many opportunities for Dutch entrepreneurs in the field of sustainable new construction, renovation, and waste management.
  • Get in touch with new potential clients, business partners, and customers, and/or meet your previously established contacts in person.
  • Gain insight into projects in the Hungarian and Slovakian markets, and how your company can seize opportunities on these projects.
  • Benefit from the network effect of collaborating with other Dutch companies that focus on the markets in Central Europe.
  • Use the opportunity to gain market access with the Dutch government through consortia formation and public-private partnerships. This is certainly of added value in this region.

In particular, RVO also invites female entrepreneurs to participate in the mission.

The program contains the following components:

  • Seminar on the business opportunities and developments in the circular transition in Hungary and Slovakia.
  • Individual matchmaking with potential business partners in both countries.
  • Several relevant (company) visits in Budapest and Bratislava.
  • Trade dinners and receptions with key business partners and decision-makers.
  • Collective local transport.